пятница, 29 января 2010 г.

My first atelier Nouvelles Image

Yesss! Thanks, Daphne! I was looking for a card like this. It's hard to get, but I understand the owners - prices on these cards are high then on typical viewcards or cards with animals. Anyway I'll try to get more:)
I like these cards because on one card you can see many interesting things:) Plus it's very stylish, imo.

Multiviews from Japan

And these cards are from Tomoko. On the first card:
Left up: "Shin-Kansen" rail-way and mt. Fuli.
Left down: Maiko-girls (Kioto)
Right up: Kinkaku-ji temple (Kyoto)
Right down: High-way in capital Tokyo Bay area

On the second card:
Left up: Akihabara shopping square
Left down: Imperial Palace "Chiyoda-Jo" castle
Right up: Main gate of "Senso-Ji" temple
Right down: Tokyo station


And this is a card from Florian. Before I had just one (or 2?) cards from Austria - one with a fish and one self-printed, if I'm not wrong. So I'm glad finally received a real viewcard:)


I LOVE tulips! My favourite flowers. And that's why I like this card very much. Unfortunately, the scan is pretty bad, so you maybe can't see that this card is really nice:( But it is! I'm even not sure is it photo or painting:)
Thanks, Samantha!


And thisis football-related card from Jan. There are a soccer stadium in Monchengladbach and a sculpture of famous football players of 70's (looks interesting, isn't it:)?). Yeah, Germany is a strong football nation:) Thanks, Jan!

Cute puppy

I received this cute puppy from Meri. I don't know the breed, golden retriever maybe? Anyway I like the dog:)

вторник, 19 января 2010 г.


And this is a card from my favorites! Yay, every time I get a card from my favorites or wish-list I feel very happy:) Thank you, Leon, for this card! Wow, the weather on it is almost the same we had here in Kyiv few days ago.


Cool, now thanks to Monika I have a card from Washington. USA is a big country and it would be nice to have a card (or not the only one) from every state. Let it be one of my postcrossing's decisions:) Not impossible, I think, since there are a lot of users from USA on postcrossing.com

Map card from Spain

And this is a card from Elena. Gee, I realized it's been a while since I received my last Spanish card! I don't collect map-cards, but have no anything against them. Besides it's very useful, it helps you to remind geography:)

Czech Republic

And this is a card from Dominika. Czech cards are very unusual, but warm-welcomed guests in my mail-box:) Hope to get more cards from Czech Rep. soon;)


A card from my friend Detlef. Very colourful multiview, I like it.

воскресенье, 17 января 2010 г.


And now my favourite Canada! :)

Montreal: McGill University, Royal Victoria Hospital and Mount Royal, seen from McGill College Street.

Honestly, I LOVE Canadian cards! They all are sooo amazing!

Montreal: downtown skyscrapers as a backdrop to Old Montreal - in the evening twilight.

All these cards I received from Leo. thank you, Leo, it's a pleasure to swap with you:) !

And this card is one of my most favourite. Chateau Frontenac:

And Notre-Dame-de Bon Secours Chapel in Old Montreal:


And this is a card from Pinar. Pictures in the upper corners (Pamukkale and Urgup) are UNESCO objects. Thanks, Pinar!

Chinese nature

This card came for me from Luo (thanks!). Very nice one, I like cards with nature (I've told it).

Moscow Kremlin

This card from Sveta shows Spasskaya tower (1491) of Moscow Kremlin. Maybe it's strange, but I have no a lot of cards with Kremlin:)


I decided to start a new collection - collection of cards with food on them. I took a look on some cards and thought: "Oh, it's so yummy! Why can't I collect it?" By now my collection is small. This card (from Femke) is a part of it. And no, for me this card doesn't look yummy:)) But I like the idea and I'll try to continue what I've started.

четверг, 14 января 2010 г.

Flushing Meadows

This card I've got from Linda, we had a trade. I like this card, because it's New York (and I wanted a card from New York, with any landmark) and because this card shows Flushing Meadows (and I'm a big tennis fan:)) One of the Grand Slams, US Open, is spent here).


This is a card from Scorpia. It's a view of Pingtung on the North Dawu Mountain Ridge. Good view, I'm just not sure about the tree on the foreground... But it's only my taste. Good card. And cards from Taiwan are also come to me not often, though there are many users from this country on Postcrossing.com.


And this is a card from Elize, from Italy. I'm glad to receive this card, I receive cards from Italy not very often. And this island (North Italy) looks very nice.

An official card from Paris

I'm very glad to receive another card from Paris. This time it's not a card from my friends or swappers. It's an official card from Chris. And I'm happy, because 1) it's a chance to enlarged my collection; 2) the sender caught my wish:)

среда, 13 января 2010 г.

Hong Kong in the night lights

I received this card from Mary, it was in my "favorites" list. It's such a pleasure to receive a card you wanted:) ! I mean, it's a pleasure to receive any card, which where sent for you by some kind person, but especially good when you see the card, think "Wow!" and then - accidentally or not - receive it!
And this card is really nice one...

London (is a capital of Great Britain)

I'm veery glad to receive this card, because I dreamt about nice viewcard from London like (this one). It's a card from Flora (thanks a lot!) and she actually lives in France. But she was on vacation in London and bought this card among other. Besides, there were ATP World Tour Finals when she wrote this card for me. And I'm a big tennis fan! It's nice when the sender reads your profile:)


And here is another card from Switzerland from my friend Christophe. This time it's a multiview with some amazing (and where you can find another in Switzerland:)?) views. Thank you, Christophe!

Netherlands: multiview

And this is a card from Ronald with the landmarks of the Netherlands. I have to say I love Dutch cards, because I like... you know... Dutch stuff:) Cheese, tulips, cows, bikes. that's way I'm always glad to receive something from Holland:)

USA: University Hall

University Hall - the oldest building on Purdue University's West Lafayette, Indiana campus. Built in 1877.
This card came to me from Timothy. He was very nice and wrote my address in Ukrainian:) Nice to know people know about Ukraine:)

Russia: Saint-Petersburg

I've got this awesome card fro my friend Liuda. It's the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (the Saviour-on-the Split-Blood). Very impressive building, very beautiful church.

воскресенье, 10 января 2010 г.

More Inge Look cards

Now I have 2 more Inge Look's cards:

This card is from Eva.

And this - from Nunne.
Again, Finnish people are very creative with their postcarrds.

суббота, 9 января 2010 г.


Thank you very much, Agata, for this awesome card! It was pleasure to swap with you:) It's really amazing, I like the coloring of this card. And I like nature shots like this.


And this is a card from Daphne. We made a swap. I actually received a few cards from her, including my first card from atelier Nouvelle Images (yay!). I chose this card among other. I like Ferris wheels. Would be nice to receive a card with London Eye and Star of Nanchang, btw. But this wheel (it's Singapore Flyer) is even higher than his London's friend (165 m against 135 m) and even higher than Chinese (160 m).


This nice card came for me from Vickie. Very nice nightview. It's a bit damaged, but it's our post's fault. I received damaged cards from time to time. Sometimes it's nothing bad and sometimes it spoils a card. I even think about asking people to send me cards in the envelopes. Many people do this, so why I can't? But, actually, I prefer written and stamped cards, so I'll do this ifonly our post become very unprofessional.

четверг, 7 января 2010 г.


Yes!! Thank you, Tijske! I finally received received a card with bicycle! I wanted it soo much. I know there is a series of cards with bikes in Netherlands, but I couldn't get it! And now I have one and very happy because of it:) Hope to make my collection bigger very soon:)

São Paulo

It's another card from the capital of Brazil. Andrea (sender of this card) wrote that on the picture we can see a train station, but it's also a cultural place. Maybe some concerts took place there.
Very nice nightview.
I'm still dreaming about a card from Rio with a statue of Christ the Redeemer. Or two cards: one with the statue and on just with cityview. Yes.


It's a card from Jenena (thank you!) and it shows, as I understand, a sports stadium (only basketball? well, I'm not sure). It's nice big postcard. Montenegro is pretty "rare" country, so I'm glad to have this card.

среда, 6 января 2010 г.

Himeji Castle

This is a card from Japan, I received it from Junko.
"Himeji Castle is also called the Shirasagi (Snowy Heron). The restoring work of the castle-donjon, which is designated as a national treasure, was completed in June, 1964"

Hello Kitty in the red roses

I've told you I collect Hello Kitty cards. This card I've got from Naomi. I sent her a card with national costumes and she sent me this one. Btw, that painted card with national costumes is pretty popular:) Unfortunately, now it's out from the stores and I have to wait till it will be on sale again. Now I have one and I think it's wise to save it for the special trade:)

Warsaw by night

This card came to me from Gosia. I love the coloring of this card! And love nightviews.
I have many Polish card and have to say they are pretty nice and I like them.


This cute chamois came to me from Russia, from Katia. Very nice, love cards with animals. It will take part of my small (for today) collection.

вторник, 5 января 2010 г.

Happy New year!

Oh, I totally forgot about my blog! Sorry, I'll try to improve, I still have a lot of postcards to post here.
And now I wanna share with you Christmas cards I've got this winter.

This snowman came to me from Croatia:

This card came from Germany:

This card is from Poland:

And this card is also from Poland:

Another card from Germany:

Card from Estonia:

Germany again:

From Finland:

From Norway:

From USA:

From Lithuania:

Moomins from Finland:

And two my favourite cards - from Canada:

Have a great 2010th!