среда, 23 сентября 2009 г.


Thanks to Ewa from neighbouring country for sent me this card:) It seems like Poland likes Ukraine, so I like Poland:)
And I like this card, it looks so... golden and shiny:)

Some cards from Serbia

Now I have a lot of Serbian cards (thanks to from my slavic brother Alexandar:)) And I can say, as more I receive cards, as more I'm falling in love with Serbia and Belgrade. It's an amazing country! I think I need to visit it:)
Some views of Belgrade.

My first card from India!

Whee! I received my first card from India! I'm really glad, it's a really interesting country! Now I'm waiting for the card with buildings or landscapes, or cityviews:) (and it's a bus stop)
Thanks, Varsha!

воскресенье, 6 сентября 2009 г.

New Kaj Stenvall's card

Born sinful (2002)

This card is from Marja again. Thank you!
Interesting card, eh?

Inge Löök's art

I like many kinds of Finnish postcards. I think that's a great idea to publish cards with paintings of Finnish artists like Kaj Stenvall and Inge Löök. It's very interesting for people who receive the cards. It's like a piece of something specially Finnish:)

(card from Tanja)

I've already shown my Stenvall's cards. And now it's time to show "Old Ladies". Finnish artist Inge Löök created them:) And I like it! I'd like to be like these ladies when I become old:) They are funny and optimistic.
Unfortunately, I didn't find anything about her:( But I know she draws not only old ladies, but also many other different and interesting pictures. If you know something about her - please, let me know.

(card from Tiina)