четверг, 18 марта 2010 г.

Views of Serbia

Serbian Parliament

From my friend Alexandar.


Thanks to Marissa for these cute dolphins! I wish to swim (or, at least, to see live:)) with these smart and kind animals one day:)

Winter view from the Netherlands

Thanks to Roland for this nice and winterview. So... Dutch:)
I like winter, but now it's March 19th and winter is still here... Everything has its time, and I think now it's time for spring! Will not believe groundhogs anymore.


This is a card from Nurulhuda. I realized I've posted just one my card from Malaysia, so now I need to post more:)

Frankfurt am Main

This awesome card came to me from Gabriela. Love nightviews! At night everything looks different. I'm sure this would be a nice day-view card, but this night-view is amazing!

An old-styled card from Italy

This interesting card I received from Paolo. I'm really glad he looked at my wish-list and sent me this card with... a bicycle:) ! Though I don't know these cyclists, lol:))

Kaj Stenvall

I had no new stenvall's cards (as well as new moomins), so there are some old cards:

On higher ground, 1998

Thanks, Ari!

Personal spiritualization, 2000

From Merja. Thanks!

среда, 10 марта 2010 г.

Palacio de Cristal

Thanks to Aurora for this card of Spanish capital! Looks great, love this card!

Remind this?

Yes, it's Eiffel Tower. Thanks to Thadee for this card!

Finnish views

Thanks to Irene for these cards. Usually I receive different characters cards from Finland (though I like it and I want it), but to receive viewcards sometimes also very pleasant:)


From Brandy and James. I apologize for the bad scans once again, need to do something with my scanner.


I almost have no cards of Greece. There are no many users from Greece on the postcrossing's site who want swap. I even don't tell about official cards:) So the only way I can get card from Greece is swapping.
These 2 are from Athina. Thanks a lot.


Card from Britt. Very bright card. It's kind of Spright as I see. When I was younger I liked drinks like this:)


I have to say I love cards from Portugal. These cards I've got from Maria and they show views of Porto. Warm, gentle views. I'm looking at them and thinking about summer, sun and piece.

понедельник, 8 марта 2010 г.

Bad Kreuznach

Card from Tanja showing a small town near Frankfurt. This card was in my favorites on Flickr, because I like the coloring. Thanks, Tanja.


And this is a card from Luana. An old house in Venice. I don't know what kind of buildings is this. Maybe it's a famouse house? Unfortunately, I don't know.

Did you know this?

My first card from the "Did you know?" series. I saw a lot of this cards in Canadian users' profiles, so I think it's pretty popular postcards. And a very good idea - to write something interesting about animals/places of your country right on the "face" of the postcard. Thanks, Rose!
You may not see so I'll write here: "A sea lion is any of several marine mammats of the family Otariidae. Sea lions are characterized by the presence of external ear pinnae or flaps, long front flippers, and the ability to walk on four flippers on land. Sea lions are often a popular attraction at zoos and aquariums, performing tricks such as throwing and catching balls on their noses and clapping. Sea lions of many species have seen a severe and rapid decrease in numbers in recent years. Many factors including overfishing of other species, shooting by fishermen and pollution have probably contributed to the decline"


Thanks to Maggie for checking out my wish-list and sending me a card which in the same time a)cityview; b)nightview; c)from London! OK, the last point is not in my wish-list now, but I'll add this:) So what do we have? Harrods, Trafalgar Square, Parliament Square, St.Paul's Cathedral and Tower Bridge. Next destination: to get a postcard with every of this places:)

Pays de Brenne

All the French cards are so lovely! There is always something special. Something... you know:) But this "something" is also in French movies, food... How do you people do that:)?
Thanks for the card, Cecile.

среда, 3 марта 2010 г.

Another card from Prague

Love this card! Thanks a lot, Adela! Such a great view!


Card from Alex, with Allegheny National Forest. So green! I just thought I'd like to go to the forest now, to touch the treees and get their energy, to breathe fresh air...

Hello Kitty in kimono

A card from my favorites, from Yuki. Lovely, like Hello Kitty.


From Andy. Do you think it's Spain or some African country? No, it's Switzerland:) ! Though these palms confused me a bit:))


Card from Ule. This is Signal Iduna Park, a stadium in Dortmund. Looks like I started to collect famous stadiums:)) I even didn't noticed it, but now I have some cards with them. Well, am I a sport fan or not:)?

First card from U.A.E.!

A card from Mezna. Honestly, I don't know what do these figures mean. Probably that's one of the landmarks.

Flowers offering

On this amazing postcard (from Dees) we see a lot of flower-leaves offering to Buddah. Very interesting and beautiful card