среда, 19 мая 2010 г.

Buenos Aires

This great card came from Ana Leticia. I always wanted a viewcard from Argentina and this one is just perfect for my collection.

London calling

It's always great to receive postcards via official postcrossing from somebody you know thanks to official forum. For example, this card came to me from Andy-Duplevista. Very colorful and cool, Thanks, Andy.


This card - from Britta. There are a few landmarks of this town on it.


Or waiters? Thanks a lot for this card, Maija!


I've got this card from Marissa. A great one, it's typical for Canadian cards:))

Little Traverse Lighthouse

Thanks Amelia (funny that I have the same nickname on postcrossing, and not just there) for this card!
Little Traverse (Harbor Point) Lighthouse was established in 1884. It is located at the tip of Harbor Point at the entrance to Harbor Springs, Michigan.

Traditional Dutch dish

This card came to me from Marleen. On this card you can see traditional Dutch food is the traditional food served to celebrate the birth of a baby in the Netherlands, Beschuit met muisjes.
Beschuit are similar to rusks but a little softer. In the United Kingdom they are sold as Dutch crisp bakes. They are round, and are prepared by baking a small cylindrical bread, cutting it in half and baking a second time. They are spread with butter (or margarine) and the muisjes (lit. 'little mice') are sprinkled on top. These muisjes are sugared anise seeds. They are sold in a mixture of two colours: White and pink. In 1990 a new mixture was introduced: white and blue, and it has become a custom, but not a universal one, that the latter (blue) are served when a boy is born, and the former (pink) for a girl. When a child is born in to the royal House of Orange, orange muisjes are sold.
he tradition of celebrating a birth with beschuit met muisjes goes back to the 17th century. At that time the muisjes were white for a boy. Later this changed to blue. It was thought that the anise was good for the mother’s milk, that it would ease the contractions in the womb, and that it would drive away evil spirits. The name ‘muisjes’ was derived from their resemblance to the shape of a mouse, with the stem of the anise seed resembling a tail, as well as the fact that the mouse was seen as a fertility symbol. Beschuit met muisjes was originally eaten only by the upper class. The lower classes would celebrate a birth by eating white bread with sugar on top.

The only thing I don't know is what muisjes are.

понедельник, 17 мая 2010 г.

Another Japanese card

This is a card from my friend Tomoko. I have a few cards with cherry blossom and Japanese temples, but they all are different and very beautiful. So I'm happy to add this one to my collection.


This awesome card came from Helle. Tallinn looks stunning! I always wanted to visit Baltic countries - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Especially two cities - Riga and Tallinn. It's so slavic and so West European at the same time! I hope you understand what I wanted to say:)


These nice eggs came to me from Holland:) Thanks, Marjan! Aren't they lovely:))? I like the coloring of this card. Like a morning in the village:)

New Zealand

I have this card thanks to my friend Susan. It shows an actress Hera Tawhai-Rogers, who played Hinemoa in NZ's movie (1914) with the same name about the famous Maori love story of Hinemoa and Tutaneki. Thanks, Susan!

A great multiview from Germany

It's a great card from Guido, which shows a lot of nice and famous places of Berlin. I would be happy to receive cards with each one picture:)


And these are another bunch of cards from Athina. On the first card you can see traditional monastery on the Greek island Antiparos, and on the second one there are a few views of Thessaloniki - the White Tower, the Communication Tower, the statue of Alexander the Great and something else, I dunno what:) But also nice:)

New moomins

Thanks to my Facebook friend Arja-Liisa for these cards!

среда, 12 мая 2010 г.


I've got this nice card from Lila.
I like cards from UAE, would be nice to receive more:)

Statue of Liberty

This awesome card came to me from Sandra. I always wanted to get a card with this NY (and the whole USA) landmark.

Chinese painting

I received this card from Xu. She is a big sports fan, just like me:) (though she is supporting FC Barcelona, and I am a fan of Manchester United; just saying:))
I've never received cards with Chinese painting, so it's something new for me.

A bunch of Danish cards

I'm glad to announce that I received my first cards from Denmark! Thanks to Per.


And this is a card from Manuela. She loves ski jumping, just like me. On this card you can see a ski jumping hill in Willingen.
I'm very glad to receive this card, because it's pretty easy to get card with soccer stadium (or some other stadiums), but it's hard to get something related to ski jumpig. Thanks, Manuela!

Old Arbat Street

This card came for me from Vera. It's one of the most famous streets in Moscow.

Multiview from Holland

I received this colorful card from Auke. Now it would be nice to get cards with every single image on this card:)