понедельник, 26 апреля 2010 г.


This amazing urban nightview I've got from Yoshinori. Thanks a lot!
Japanese people are so sweet! Youshinori wrote me "Hello!" in Ukrainian! I was really surprised! It was very nice from him:)

Swedish Royal Family

Ta-dah! My first card from Sweden! And I'm very thankfull to Lars who sent me this card! There are King, Queen and Crownprincess.
And I'm still searching for a card with Prince William:))

And one more Stenvall!

Hey hey, my collection is growing on:) ! But still lots of work:) ! I'm very thankfull to Tarja who sent me this card! This picture called "Comparable to a religious experience" (2006).


It's a card from Christian. A great one! I like this kind of views, when you can see the big area. Ah, my favourite France... :)

Chinese football player

It's a card from XiangJing. I'm very thankful that she checked out my wish-list and sent me a card from there! It's not necessary, but always welcome:)


It's a very interesting card from Tanja. I'm looking at this card and can't get is it winter, autumn or spring? Anyway, it looks very nice. Thanks, Tanja!


It's a card from Liudmila and it shows Drama Theatre in Samara.
I wonder why almost all Russian users write me in English:)?

воскресенье, 25 апреля 2010 г.


And this is a very cool card from Michelle and it shows Shanghai at night. So brightful and so many ads:) ! Thanks, Michelle!

And Inge Look!

Plus I have new Inge Look's card - this time ladies are doing wintersport:) And this card has a very, very, very-very cool stamp - the holograpic one, with an alpine skiier. My first thought was: "Whoa!" Thanks a lot, Marja!

Kaj Stenvall

Yay, new duck! My collection is growing:)) Thanks, Paula! This picture has a name "Forward!" (2008). Like this one, very... smart.


I think I haven't singeview from Amsterdam yet, that's the first one. So thanks a lot to Peter for this really nice card (though bad scan isn't showing you how nice actually this card is) and one more nightview for me.


It's a card from Julia and it shows Opera Theatre in Saratov. Thanks, Julia!

Burg Hohenzollern

It's a card from... From... Oops, I don't know the name! Anyway, thanks for the nice castle!

Painted seal from Poland

Thanks to Natalia for this card! I haven't received art cards for a while:)

понедельник, 5 апреля 2010 г.


This yummy card came from my friend Tomoko. Thank you!
Ten-don is a domburi dish in which freshly-fried tempura is placed on top of rice in a china bowl and covered with soy-based sauce. The tempura most often used for this dish is prawn.

I'll be there for you(c)

Yay, I'm soo happy to receive this card! It's from Monika, I took part in her lottery. I didn't win (of course), but, as I'm a big fan of this show, she proposed me to swap. And now I have this card!
Friends is the most favourite TV-show for me.


This nice nightview I received from Valeria. On this card you can see Mario Cravo's sculpture andElevator Lacerda by night. One more nice nightview in my collcetion:)


I got this nice card from Marina. I have to say I love tulips! Tulips are my fav flowers. I hope I can find more cards with them. It's such a pleasure to have cards with something you like.


This nice card I received from Jo. Pretty interesting - pictures, woman in a traditional hat...


And this is another card from Alice. I'd like to see more people from Lux on the postcrossing site. Then I'll have more chances for swap:))

четверг, 1 апреля 2010 г.


Thank you girls, Olivia and Marissa, for sending me these beautiful cards from Canada (another my favourite country)! I'm really thankful and I really love them! I said I love cards from Portugal? Well, Canadian cards are not less (even much) welcome:)


I've got this card from Andrea. It's a perfect illustration of the busy modern life, I think.
I used a link to her profile because I like some words Andrea wrote in her profile. You can go and see


A very nice card from the capital of Hungary, from Dora. I'm very happy, it's my first card from this beautiful city! I really wish I can visit it one day (it's not so far from Ukraine).


Some of the really beautiful views of Germany on this card from Regina. I wanna go outside the city so badly now! Maybe it's because of spring?..


A card from Paulo from my favourite Portugal:) Seriously, I love to receive cards from this country! Can't say a special reason, just like the cards:)


And this is a card from Katya. An art photo made by one of the photographers, as I understand. Nice.


A card from Tarcisio. Thanks a lot, I have not so big number of cards from Brazil. And I actually have some troubles with Brazilian post - my cards offten lost:(