среда, 6 мая 2009 г.


Some of my cards from the capital of Germany, the lagrest city in EU (after London).

This beautiful viewcard - from Sabine.

And this card with well-known building is from Ronald. (You know what is this, yes? It's Reichstag, the top of it)

TV Tower (from Yvonne).

And this awesome viewcard came to me from Helga.

Berlin looks great! I would like to visit it someday. I wanna see all famous places, eat traditional food. Unfortunately, I don't speak German (I have to learn English at first:)), but many of my friends do, so it would be good to make a trip with them:)
And I thought I want a card with the Brandendurg Gate. It looks so majestic, and so magical in night lights...

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Анонимный комментирует...

the first one is... Wow! Amazing card ;)

anne комментирует...

Yeah, the first one and the second one are my favourite:) But they all are nice:)

Prudens McGonagall комментирует...

I can't stop wondering why I like Berlin on the cards so much but didn't at all enjoy it while being there :-/
The first card is very beautiful!

anne комментирует...

I'm not sure about my feelings, I've never been there:)
Yes, looks like the first card is a star:) But they all are nice:)

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