вторник, 5 мая 2009 г.

My fav

I love all my cards. But I have favourites, of caurse:) This is one of them. I just love it! It's Casa Batlló, a building restored by Antoni Gaudí, a very famous Spanish architector. Info from the official site:

"Casa Batlló - a unique, singular and exceptional masterpiece by Antoni Gaudí - is more than a building: it's a legend in the universal art, architecture and design of all epochs. One of the key works on Modernisme, Casa Batlló, offers outstanding rooms for very special events, rooms in which the distinctive hallmark is the elegant succession of arcitectural and artistic features designed with remarkable creativity and fashioned by the finest artists and skilled craftsmen of Gaudí's time".

More information and pics

Hod did I get this beautiful card? Well, I received it from Jenny. We met @ postcrossing.com. Over a year ago I was bored, I didn't go to the University or at work, so I found some nice people from other nice countries to talk about everything and to improve my English (but I didn't do it, as you can see:)). At first that was cool and interesting, but than my life changed and I had no time to write letters (to translate letters into English:)) or talk by msn. So I didn't write to Jenny for a long time. She is the nisest person, so I'm feeling guilty:( I promised myself to sit and to write in a first free weekend I have.
Jenny, if you read this, forgive me, please! It's not because I forgot about you, no! It's just... Life is so unexpected:)
And such a great postcard!

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