суббота, 9 мая 2009 г.

Queen Victoria and Parlament buildings

And here is a card from one of my most favourite countries:) It's Queen Victoria and Parlament buildings in British Columbia, built in honour of Queen Victoria. The card came to me from Abby. Thanks, Abby!
I said that Canada is one of my favourite countries. Don't remember if I said it before, but my other most favourite countries are France, Portugal, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Yeah:)
It would be interesting to visit Canada some day. It's a very nice country with big Ukrainian diaspora so I think it's a nice place for me to live in:)

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Prudens McGonagall комментирует...

I have a friend who wants to move in Canada with her husband. She tells me a lot about this country and according to her stories Canada is really wonderful.

anne комментирует...

I'm not surprised:)

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