среда, 6 мая 2009 г.


I'm so happy! I received my first moomi-card!
I like moomi-cards sooo much! They are cute and funny.
Moomins are the characters of a books written by Finnish writer and ilustrator Tove Jansson. There are nine books in the seria (and five picture books), they have been published since 1945 for 1993.
If you wanna know more anout Moomins, please, visit their official site.
The character on my card is Sniff. According to the site, Sniff "is adopted by the Moomin family and does not look the least like the others. His character is also completely different - a somewhat ambitious type who is always looking for ways to further his own interests. At times, Sniff feels a bit ashamed for messings things up but then he knows he is always forgiven. After all, he belongs to the family".

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