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A very familiar-looking ducks

I am a fan of Finnish paintner Kaj Stenvall (does anybody know how to pronouce his name in English?). One day I received a card via official postcrossing (this card is above, named "To be enjoyed in good company and candlelight" (2006), from Heli) and, to be honest, I thought: "Ummm... What?" And only when I became a postcrossing forum member, I found out more about him and his art.
Here is my second card, "The after glow" (1991), from Sari:

So, Kaj Stenvall first came to the attention of the Finnish art world about ten years ago when he began to paint a very familiar-looking duck in a variety of settings. Stenvall asserts that this character has been developed by himself, even while acknowledging its similarity to the most famous duck in the world. The scenes in his pictures are from the world at large and his duck often appears in absurd, if recognizably generic, settings. There really is nothing in his paintings that one can put their finger on to connect them to any particular corner of the world, especially not to Finland, except perhaps a specific intensity of angst and foreboding. [...]
[...] Stenvall insists that his images do not have any connection with his own life, stating that:

"The duck is more of a symbol; the material of an intermediary; and a symbol of Man. The character illustrates the dilemma of being human. The duck, as such, doesnґt symbolize anything to me personally. It is used as a catalyst in the process of how it will be interpreted in the eye of the beholder."

My third card, received today from Essi ("With one touch" (2007)):

I love this, the idea is very creative! I deceided to gather my own collection of the "familiar-looking ducks":)

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