среда, 6 мая 2009 г.

When every day is caturday!

Well, time to show you my cats-collection, more precisely - her Finnish part.
I made a big, huge mistake - I wrote in my profile, that I "love cats". So... So I began to receive only cat-cards:)) But well, I was glad. I can't resist - I love cats! :) But in one moment I understood that enough, I don't want more kittens. Now I want buildings, landscapes and famous places:)))
Anyway, my collection is not so big, but very... different:)
So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Finnish cats!

(this cat with nature at the background:)) is from Tuovi)

This lovely one - from Emma. I like it, I collected a small calendars when I was a child (who didn't:)?) and still have one with this picture.

This cat (he is a hunter or just scared:)?) - from Juha

And this is a very interesting cat. It's not just a postcard with cat, it's a postcard in a shape of a cat! Very interesting and good idea! From Touvi (but another Tuovi).

And this one (from Maarit) reminds me my cat. Yeah, I had a cat and loved her very much, we have lived together about 16 years, but last year she dead:(( I'm still sad because of that:( And this cat looks similar to my, so I like this card a lot.

This one blue-eyed young cat - from Suvi.

This pretty funny one - from Seija (She has about 5000 (!!!!!) postcards, 'cos collects it during all her life).

This painted cat - from Airi.

And another cat on a graas - from Out

Well, another one hunter. Or he (she?) just enjoing peacefull and fresh air:)?

And the last one, A-Kitten-With-Flowers. From Tiluski.

Which one of my Finnish cats do you like the most;)?

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