среда, 6 мая 2009 г.


I was pleased of today's mail:) Well, I'm always pleased of a mail, but today I was especially pleased, because due to illness I didn't go for a walk and stay home. I have a sore throat and, actually, I'm feeling not very good now:( but I received a few very nice cards today and it's made me... well, almost happy:))
I'm very thankful to Heather for this one. My friends know, that I'm a big sports-fan:))) I'm addicted to figure skating, tennis and cycling. And football (soccer). And I know a lot about athletics and swimming. And... I like almost every kind of sport:))
I respect Lance Armstrong very much. He is a Man, a Hero, a True Athlet. I wanted to give you a link on my post (I made a post about Lance in my journal), but oh well, it's on Russian:)) So I'll just post here a link on Wiki. I think, people who don't know about Lance and his story, must know this.

ummm... Does anybody have a card with the Schleck brothers:)))))? If yes - let me know:)

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7th time straight record Tour de France.

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