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Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty cards are also very populard among the postcrossers. And not just cards (magnets and othet stuff), and not just among postcrossers:) Hello Kitty is a world superstar.
Hello Kitty is the character of Japanese pop-culture, a small white cat into a simplified drawing. Invented by the company Sanrio in 1974 and receorded in 1976, Hello Kitty is used as a brand for many products, became the main hero of the same cartoon. Hello Kitty toys are popular souvenirs in Japan and all around the world.
Kitten Kitty has been invented in 1974 by Shintaro Tsudzi, the owner of Japanese toy company Sanrio. Once he decided to create a new character, who would like to everybody. As a result of a long work Tsudzi made a perfect hero. Today brand "Hello Kitty!" has about half a million dollars of income annually.
There were doubts about the name of a kitten. Her creator chose between "Hello Kitty" and "Kitty White" (that was a name of one of the Alice's cats in "Alice in Wonderland"). But the second version, at least, was rejected.
The first product became very popular among customers. It was the simple curse with the image of Hello Kitty! This Kitten was really popular, but in the end of 80's became to slow down. Customers didn't like that Kitty always had the same look - muzzle looks at the viewers, the body turned sideways, she was dressed in blue
overall and has a black outline around her figure. Then the designer Yuko Yamaguchi decided to change the image. She deleted the black outline, painted different clothes and put different items in her... mmm... hands:)
Later Kitty found a family - mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, sister Mimmi and hamster Sugar.
Now there are millions goods with HK-image - from T-shirts and toys to machine guns and toasters, which bike toasts with her image:)
Here is an official site of Sanrio company, where you can read her biography (and biographies of other characters). So, she was born on November 1st, live in London with her family and has lots of hobbies.
Hello Kitty has many web-sites: this, this.

The first card is from Tomoko and the second card - from Sumie.
I love this cat:)

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how sweet :) особенно первая

anne комментирует...

А мне вторая больше нравится:) Но вообще они обе очень милые и, кстати, обе блестят:)

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