четверг, 18 июня 2009 г.


And this one - from my favourite Switzerland:) Thank you, Christophe!
So, I'll continue:) I made a wish-list of countries and type of postcards I want to have. Of course, I'm still glad to receive any card. It's just something special, something I dream about. Few points:
- A card from Argentina (it's hard to find!)
- A card from Greece (I saw magnificent Greek cards!)
- A card with Le Petite Prince (like on my current avatar)
- A card from Rome, with cat(s) (there is a special seria, I think)
- A card with parrot (it must be bright)
- A card from Latvia
- A card with Le Tour de France logo (or smth related to the Tour; you even can't image how much I want it:))

etc etc etc...

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