вторник, 26 мая 2009 г.

The Itapuã Lighthouse

I think, every postcrosser has his own collection of postcards with something special. Tha most popular collections are: moomins, Kaj Stenvall, Hello, Kitty!, national clothes, Disney etc. And many people collect lighthouses. I do not. I mean, I don't do anything for take one more lighthouse to my collection. I have 3 now, here is 1 of them.
The card is from Valeria. It shows the Itapuã Lighthouse (built in 1873). Unfortunatelu, I can't tell you something more about it, 'cos I didn't find the information:( Sorry:( So just enjoy the view:)

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serenity комментирует...

i like the general view of this card, colors, contrast... very nice one!

anne комментирует...

I also like. But this lighthouse looks so lonely...

Cheema комментирует...

Hello from Pakistan!
Happy Postcard-Crossing Friendship!!!

You have a very nice collection here.

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In return I can send you a nice postcard with beautiful landscape or UNESCO heritage sites from Pakistan - which I think will be a nice addition in your collection?

So are you interested....???

Waiting anxiously for your kind reply
Best Regards
Yours Cheema

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