вторник, 26 мая 2009 г.

Taipei City

I have two... No, three cards from Taiwan. Here is one of them. It's a thank you-card from Yin. Thank you, Yin!

Photos of Taipei

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serenity комментирует...

just... WOW! colors are wonderful!

by the way, i noticed that none of my thai cards could not be named as "unsightly" - they all are winderful and nice to see :)

p.s. any ideas what's this tower?

anne комментирует...

Well, I think it's a Taipei 101 tower, currently the tallest building in the world.

Jenna комментирует...

Wow, this card is just amazing! I have received a card that belongs in the same series, but it's taken on daytime.

Oh and thanks for your comment! :)

lutik1 комментирует...

Ничего себе здание! Офигительно смотрится. Для пущего эффекта еще не хватает грозового неба и молнии :)

anne комментирует...

Jenna, you are welcome:) I like to read other blogs:)

anne комментирует...

Ну, небо, вообще-то, немного странное. Такое... красное. Это у них там серьезно такое небо?..

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