вторник, 5 мая 2009 г.


Oh, this is one of my most favourite postcards! I received it from Janet, mother of 5 wonderfull children. Janet, if you read it, thank you very much for this postcard! I remember I was sooo excited, when I opened my mail-box and saw it! It made my day! And I like the stamp. Good idea: you don't need to buy the stamp, it's already there.
I think, all postcards sent by Janet are lovely. Take a look!
Yeah, that was a little advertising:)))
I like postcards with animals, but I have no many. Well, as I said in my profile (did you read my profile:)?), I have a lot of cats:) Yes, I adore xats, but it would be nice to receive other kinds of animals too:)) All animals are great:)
And a short video. Maybe it's a bit weird, but... Every time I watch this, I laugh till pain in my belly:)))
Click to watch
 Kangaroos are not just cute, they are very funny:))

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