вторник, 5 мая 2009 г.

Lux Map

O.K., so here is my the only one card from Luxembourg. Some people know, that I like this country for some reason;))) Actually, I have "favourite countries" : France, Switzerland, Portugal, Canada and Luxembourg. Becuase of... Well, just because:) But I love all cards from all countries! These are just my "bugs" :))
Many people like map-cards. But I can't say the same about me. For me, if you wanna show your counrty, it's better to send landscape or city view. And, to be honest, me and maps... We've never were friends:))
So sad there are only 48 members from Luxembourg on postcrossing.com:(( I would be glad to receive this card or this one. Or, maybe, this card. Now I just have to find a person who wants send me a card like these;)))

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