вторник, 5 мая 2009 г.

My first card from Indonesia!

I continue to get "first cards" :) This one is from Novie, she lives on Java island.
I have a book about Indonesia. Well, it's not actually about Indonesia, it's about Indonesian hotels:) What I can say - they have great hotels:) ! And beautiful nature, of caurse.
I found a site about Semarang: semarangdailyphoto.com/
Very nice, with photos and info (I always try to find sites with lots of photos and info; I can even say, that photos are more important:)).
Today is not my day: I've sent a card to а girl and than seen my card in her collection! :((( I'm dissapointed:( But well, now I must send another one. Because yeah, I'm sure she'll be nice and will not say me anything about it, but... I'm feeling guilty now:(
Be attentive when you send a card to somebody! :)

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